Why Apple re-uploaded the ‘MacBook Air - Stickers’ Ad


About a month ago, Apple launched their ‘MacBook Air – Stickers’ Ad showcasing how people are customising and adorning their MacBook’s with stickers.

The Ad itself was a change from the usual ad’s Apple airs on TV. The Ad didn’t show the screen of the MacBook and also showed shots of MacBook’s with scuff marks and dents. But of course, that was done on purpose to portray that these things actually get used.

Apple has uploaded the Ad on their website as well as YouTube. For some odd reason, Apple re-uploaded the Ad on their site as well as YouTube.

On the re-uploaded version, Apple made some changes to the Ad. Half a second of ‘blackness’ was added to the start and the end of the Ad which Michael Steeber pointed out.


But, Apple changed more than that. At the end of the Ad, the last shot of the MacBook shows a silhouette of hands creating the shape of a heart. In the original Ad, the shape of the heart was a little distorted. In the re-uploaded version, Apple replaced it with a more perfect and cleaner version.

It just goes to show that Apple will make the most subtle changes to their adverts to achieve perfection. Check out Michael Steeber’s post on the changes Apple made to their iPhone 4 Ad here.

To confirm this, a channel on YouTube called ‘EveryAppleAd' has the original ad by Apple uploaded onto their channel. You can check it out below.

Original Ad - Uploaded on EveryAppleAd’s YouTube channel

New Ad - Uploaded on Apple’s official YouTube channel